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Your Luxury Watches And Jewelry Can Be The Cash Loan You’re Looking For

short term loanIt’s not uncommon for people to be asset rich and cash poor.  Many times a person might need a quick influx of cash to start a new business, settle a debt or cover an emergency.  Life consistently brings about the unexpected.  However, people lucky enough to have assets of value, usually have the means to obtain the cash loan they’re in need of.  Luxury watches, diamonds and fine jewelry are a perfect of example of luxury assets that you can obtain a collateral loan against.  Items like these are usually worth a large sum, and hold their value.  What’s more, a professional lender can easily determine the value and offer you a quick and convenient cash loan against it.

Collateral loans, short term loans, pawn loans, bridge loans, cash loans…whatever you want to call them, they offer a solution that traditional bank loans cannot.  First, they don’t require a credit or background check or lengthy approval process.  Your loan is granted based on the collateral you bring in, and so once that value is determined and a deal is struck, you can walk out that day with the cash you need.  Second, collateral loans normally offer a very reasonable interest rate that many bank loans cannot.  They’re flexible, easy, quick, convenient and private…and just might be the solution you’ve been searching for.

Ideal Luxury will make you a short term collateral loan secured by your fine watches, diamonds and/or jewelry. Our discrete and convenient cash loans from $2,500 to $500,000 do not require a credit check and remain strictly confidential. Our collateral loans are short-term pledges and you can be rest assured that your transaction is safe, because we are licensed and closely regulated by the Department of Justice.

Simply give us a call at 888.505.5505 or contact us online to schedule an appointment for a free consultation on your item(s).