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Custom Repurposed Jewelry Design: Matching Family French Micro Pave Diamond Bands

Ideal Luxury is thrilled to be helping more and more clients repurpose their outdated, broken and/or mismatched jewelry. People already have the new jewelry pieces they covet…they just don’t know it yet!

This newest repurposed jewelry project pictured above came about when a good friend referred his mother-in-law to me who was looking to create some holiday gifts by handing down some of her jewelry. We quickly determined that while she had beautiful jewelry, nothing was really appropriate for her daughters and granddaughters.

Thankfully we showed her she could take a beautiful yellow gold and diamond bangle she enjoyed decades ago and turn it into the perfect holiday jewelry gifts. We simply removed the nice, clean, white perfectly matched diamonds from the bangle and used them to create five, beautiful and trendy solid gold french micro pave diamond bands for her daughters and granddaughters. The women were even given the option to choose white, rose or yellow gold as well as their preferred size as these were custom made especially for them. This way they could wear Nana‘s diamonds but in a piece that was fashionable for them to wear and enjoy daily. We even used the leftover gold from the bangle as well as other pieces she was no longer wearing to help pay for the project. It was truly a win-win…we helped Nana come up with creative and current jewelry gifts for the holidays by repurposing pieces she already owned.

The Original Bangle

The New Bands

Ideal Luxury offers custom design services for both fine jewelry and luxury watches.  In addition to repurposed jewelry, we can created custom designed pieces for anniversaries, engagement rings and custom bespoke jewelry and watches.

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