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Your Resource For Large And Rare Diamonds

Ideal Luxury is your best resource for large and rare diamonds as well as precious gemstones.  Whether you’re looking to buy one of these incredibly rare stones, sell one from your private collection or leverage them with a short term collateral loan, we are your best option.

Our collection of loose stones and exquisite jewelry is second to none, as is our connection to the small fraternity of buyers and sellers of large and rare gemstones throughout the world.  We’ve established relationships that allow us to buy and sell these pieces at prices that cannot be matched anywhere else in the industry. The old adage…”it’s not what you know but who you know”…certainly rings true in the fancy colored diamond world.

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Learn More About These Rare Stones

Origins Of Colored Diamonds - Video

Colored Diamonds Map & Infographic - Download

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Browse our incredible collection of large and rare gemstones and jewelry, or feel free to contact us directly to discuss a specific piece.

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Looking To Sell Your Item?

Ideal Luxury offers you something most other businesses cannot…a secure, reliable and easy way to sell your precious gemstones and luxury jewelry.  Either through selling the piece to us directly or putting us to work for you via our consignment services.

We have a global network of buyers around the globe, and we’re experts at getting their eyes on your item through multiple website listings, email communications and in-person consultations.

We are experts at valuing your item and getting you a maximum return on your investment.  Contact us today and make an appointment for a free consultation.

Collateral Loans Against Your Precious Stones

You’ve already made a smart investment in large and rare diamonds, why not leverage them for your unexpected short term needs?

Ideal Luxury will make you a short term collateral loan secured by diamonds as well as other luxury items in your collection. Our discrete, fast and convenient cash loans from $2,500 to $1,000,000 or more do not require a credit check, monthly payments, employment or income verification and will remain strictly confidential as we do not report to the credit bureaus. Ideal Luxury is fully licensed with the Department of Justice to make these quick and easy loans which provide a sensible solution to satisfy your immediate needs.