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The Ideal Collection From Ideal Luxury

Hand Selected And Curated Jewelry - The Ideal Collection

The Ideal Collection

Introducing The Ideal Collection of fine jewelry thoughtfully created by Ideal Luxury to offer our loyal customers brand new, unworn luxury jewelry at below retail prices. Ideal Luxury locally sourced and hand selected all of the diamonds and gemstones used in each piece in the Ideal Collection, and we work closely with our U.S. based network of expert jewelry designers to create timeless and iconic pieces in luxurious precious metal settings.

Owner of Ideal Luxury, Mark Schechter, had this to say about the Ideal Collection:

We are very pleased to offer brand new fine jewelry for the first time in our evolution, and we did quite simply because our customers asked for it. Ideal Luxury has been custom making high quality fine jewelry on a case by case basis for years, now we’re simply lending both our expertise and even handed approach without being commissioned first. We certainly hope you like what you see.

The Ideal Collection includes earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets and more and will continue to evolve and expand.  Each piece is carefully selected and crafted to offer our customers brand new fine jewelry to compliment our traditional estate offerings, all at an attractive Ideal Luxury price.

Looking for something more personal? As always, we are happy to satisfy your personal request to create the custom piece you’ve been dreaming of.  Learn more on our custom design page.

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