Ideal Luxury Consignment Services

Are you looking for a reliable source to place your luxury jewelry, watches, handbags and precious gemstones on consignment?  Look no further than Ideal Luxury.  Ideal Luxury offers consignment services on your luxury items that far exceed any experience you’ve had before.

Unlike most shops who passively attempt to sell your item simply by placing it on a shelf in their store and waiting for a customer to inquire about it, we actively reach out to a global network of potential buyers through multiple online listings as well as our extensive client mailing list, reaching thousands of eyeballs every week.  We work diligently to find a buyer for your item as quickly as possible, and you can collect your earnings.

What’s more, Ideal Luxury’s reasonable consignment rates are unequaled in the industry, and we front all expenses necessary to sell your item, maximizing your return on any piece you list through us.

Don’t settle for outdated passive consignment services that don’t work.  Contact Ideal Luxury and let us go to work for you, on selling your item right away!

Active Selling To A Global Network Of Buyers

What Sets Us Apart

  • Listing of your item on multiple high traffic websites for maximum exposure
  • Active selling to our global network of potential buyers
  • Frequent email promotions of your item to our extensive mailing list of clients
  • The best consignment rates in the industry, maximizing your return on the sale
  • Protection from online fraud with our buyer vetting, insurance, secured shipping and online selling experience
  • Specializing in high-end luxury items only, with expertise on valuing, pricing, marketing and selling quickly

Why Wait? Get Started Today

Don’t wait any longer, turn your luxury piece into cash with Ideal Luxury’s consignment services.  Our team is ready to go to work for you, and match your item with our worldwide network of buyers.  Contact us today and make an appointment for a free consultation.