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High-End Pawnbroker And Private Lender

Even the wealthy need a cash loan sometimes, and when they do they visit a High-End Pawnbroker or Private Lender like Ideal Luxury.  A high-end pawn shop offers clients who have luxury assets to borrow against a convenient solution when they need a short term cash loan for any number of reasons.

At Ideal Luxury we specialize in making loans agains luxury watches, jewelry, precious diamonds and other gemstones.  We have clients from all over Orange County, ranging from entrepreneurs and small business owners to retirees and young families in need of a quick, secure and simple way to obtain a cash loan in a private and discreet manner.  As a high-end pawnbroker and lender, Ideal Luxury offers several advantages that banks cannot.  First, a loan can be obtained without background and credit checks and a lengthy application process.  Our loans are based purely on the value of the assets our clients bring us.  Second, we offer very reasonable interest rates and a simple plan to pay back the loan and get your items back at a pace that works best for you.

Some clients need seed money for a new startup business, while others need a cash influx to grow their existing business or invest in a new venture.  Still, others need a collateral loan in order to pay down high-interest debts or other pressing bills that need to be settled.

Ideal Luxury offers solutions for all those needs and more, and because we’ve specialized in luxury watches, diamonds and jewelry for many years, we’re able to do it quickly, fair and convenient for our clients.  Unlike a pawn shop you might see on television, our offices are located in a private, secure and comfortable location at the heart of Orange County in Tustin, CA.  We only deal in the specialized luxury items mentioned previously, and are available by appointment only.  This allows us to provide an extremely comfortable setting for our clients to do business in, and feel secure in knowing that they’re in very capable hands.

If you live or work in and around Orange County, and are in need of a cash loan, Ideal Luxury is your answer.  We have offered collateral loans to our customers from large to small amounts for many years, and our reputation proceeds us as a fair, honest and trustworthy lender.  Call us at 888.505.5505 or contact us via our website in order to make an appointment to come into our offices today for a free consultation.