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Luxury Asset Buyer And Collateral Lender In Orange County

A luxury asset buyer and collateral lender is another way to describe a high-end pawnbroker.  It is essentially a pawn shop that specializes in both high-end items and high-end clients, providing a very valuable service to those who are in the spot of being asset rich and cash poor.  More and more people are turning to high end pawn shops to get loans against their luxury assets or sell them outright for much needed cash.  The convenience, security, expertise and service of businesses like these make it the perfect solution for customers of all kinds, from those looking for startup cash for a new business venture, to people looking to simply pay down debt or get through a tough financial spot.

In Orange County, Ideal Luxury is your solution for selling your luxury assets, or obtaining a collateral loan against your luxury watches, fine jewelry and diamonds.  Ideal Luxury, provides a convenient, discreet and secure service to it’s customers.  From our private offices in Tustin, we meet with our customers one on one by appointment only to provide them with the highest level of service in the industry.  A collateral loan provides our clients with a way to obtain a loan without having to worry about credit or background checks and lengthy application processes.  Simply make an appointment, come into our office for a consultation, and you can walk out the same day with the cash you need.  What’s more, our interest rates are some of the most reasonable you will find anywhere.

Ideal Luxury also buys luxury watches, diamonds and other fine jewelry from our clients, offering a fair and honest service that leaves all parties happy.  We’ve been in the business of buying diamonds, watches and jewelry for years, and our reputation as one of the most even handed and professional businesses in Orange County is well known.

We also have a large selection of luxury watches and jewelry from some of the most famous brands in the world, and we offer them at an unbeatable rate.  Ideal Luxury can offer you wholesale prices on pieces you only dreamed about owning previously.  There’s no reason to pay retail when you have a solution like Ideal Luxury right here in Orange County.

Call our offices in Tustin today at 888.505.5505 or email us at to make an appointment to come in and visit with us.  We work hard to make sure our clients leave our office happy and satisfied.  Contact us today.