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With so many options out there to sell your diamonds in Orange County, it’s difficult for anyone to make a sound decision, no matter how knowledgeable they are.  Diamond Buyers in Orange County are becoming as overpopulated as Cash For Gold shops.  They pop up overnight, so how do you know who to trust?

Ideal Luxury is a secure, discreet and licensed facility with knowledgeable experts who have decades of experience in diamond buying.  We can offer you a safe and private setting to find out how much your diamond is worth and what you can expect to receive for it.  The rule of thumb is to always know who you’re dealing with before you even set foot in their office.  You can contact us, look us up online or visit our website to learn about who we are and how we conduct business.  Our reputation is spotless, and our owner, Mark Schechter will happily discuss your options to put you more at ease.  We always strive for the best deal for both parties involved in the sale, even if that means passing on a deal from time to time.

If you are looking for a diamond buyer in Orange County, look no further than Ideal Luxury.