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Buy and Sell Diamonds Jewelry In Orange County

Many companies offer a service to buy and sell diamonds these days.  Many of them are new, fly by night business looking to make a buck.  Ideal Luxury, however, has years of expertise in dealing with diamonds and diamond jewelry.  Our experts know exactly what a diamond is worth and it’s quality.  Because of our level of knowledge and our spotless reputation for honesty and service, I deal Luxury excels in both the buying and selling of diamonds and diamond jewelry throughout Southern California.

Selling Your Diamonds With Ideal Luxury

Are you curious what your diamond is worth but afraid of who to ask? Ideal Luxury would be happy to quickly and discretely explain what you have, how it’s valued and what you could sell it for. This is easily accomplished in one visit and without any pressure or obligation to sell.

If you’re serious about selling your diamond or any precious jewelry, you should read this article first.  Then, call us at 888.505.5505 or visit our website at and contact us for an appointment at our office in Tustin, CA.

Buying Diamonds From Ideal Luxury

Ideal Luxury will offer you the best price if you are buying that special piece or a reasonable offer if you are selling it. If there is a new piece you would rather have than one you already own, Ideal luxury would be happy to construct an offer including your trade-in. We don’t mind if the fine watches, diamonds and jewelry we specialize in are coming or going, just as long as our clients are happy. We are able to do this quite simply by maintaining a low overhead and offering world class customer service, one client at a time by appointment only.

You can make an appointment with us to come in and view our private stock, or visit our online store and purchase the piece of your dreams there.

Looking to buy an engagement ring?  View our Question Mark series video below and let Mark Schechter tell you everything you need to know first.  Then, call us and make an appointment.

Contact Ideal Luxury today and let us help you with all your options to buy and sell diamonds in Orange County or anywhere in Southern California.  We’re here to help you!