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Why Are Pink Diamonds So Expensive?

In the past 30 years, pink diamonds have significantly grown in demand and consequently in value and not just as an added collection to your jewelry but also as a viable investment opportunity.

This one-of-a-kind diamond crystal is ranked higher than the white diamond but what exactly makes pink diamonds so expensive?

Pink diamonds are a rare breed of diamonds because most diamonds share some similarities in their colors with hues ranging from yellow, brown, and white. The true value of a diamond lies in the intensity of its natural color.

In the case of the white diamond, perfection is attained when you find a crystal-clear gem free of blemishes, inclusions, and flux. One free of cloudy blurs and produces great color spectrums against the light. This same clarity and intensity of the color are required of highly valuable pink diamond as well.

Pink diamonds are exceptionally rare and at this time only one source is known across the globe, that inhibits these breathtaking gems.

The Argyle Mine in Kimberley, Australia is the lone source of these Argyle pink diamonds that are so heftily priced due to their rarity and limited supply.

This mine supplies 90% percent of all pink diamond crystals which are world-renowned for their intense colors.

Unfortunately, it is expected that operations around the mine will halt this year because the Australian source is said to have been exhausted.

Pink diamonds are formed from carbon elements similar to the white diamond. the only difference is that these diamonds are developed inside kimberlite pipes of volcanoes over millions of years.

The pressure is applied and under great temperatures, the carbon particles combust into the glass-like diamond structure.

The heightened temperatures, pressure, and time applied to these diamonds cause wood-like grains to form in its molecular construction.

It is these tightly compressed wood grins in the diamond that reflect the pink hue characterized by pink diamonds.

Through scientific technologies such as the High-Pressure High-Temperature (HPHT) process impure and imperfect diamonds can be clarified into more striking white grades and can convert the brown tainted crystals into arrays of colors from pink, blue to green.

A treated diamond has added value because it attains a more vivid and saturated color. The process is irreversible and has a permanent effect on the diamond crystal making it whiter or infusing it with fancy color.

Whether you settle for a natural pink diamond or the treated versions that are more affordable either way, you will still enjoy the experience of a pink diamond.

The two variations have no differences between them to the naked eye and in fact, some treated diamonds have greater brilliance compared to the untreated versions.