These Rolex Daytonas Are Expected To Fetch Over $1m At Auction. Each

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While looming trade wars could well empty pockets worldwide (thank you, Mr. President), it seems our appetite for luxury watches is bigger than ever. Phillips – an auction house that’s served the likes of Marie-Antoinette and Napoleon Bonaparte – has scheduled a Rolex Daytona-dedicated event that’s set to rake in millions.

Dubbed the ‘Daytona Ultimatum’, several vintage Rolex pieces are predicted to fetch at least $1m each, with some far exceeding that amount.

Photo by Phillips

To clarify: this is horological silly season at its finest. The Daytona has long been a classic family for Rolex, but the steel chronographs are standard fare when compared to other headline-grabbing novelties from Baselworld and beyond.

It’s not a recent phenomenon, either. Following the sale of Paul Newman’s personal piece for an eye-watering $17.75m in June of last year, the collector circuit has yet to recover from Daytona fever.

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