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It’s Time For Men To Consider Wearing Jewelry Again

If you ask the average person to describe the type of man who wears luxury decorative jewelry, the first thing that comes to mind might be rock stars, professional athletes, rappers, etc., but not your everyday guy.  Why is that?  Certainly men wear luxury watches (which is basically functional jewelry), and historically going back far enough men wore jewelry as much or even more than their female counterparts.

So what’s happened in our more recent history that left men out of the jewelry wearing equation?  As this article from points out it wasn’t until the Victorian era and their effort to separate the sexes that men began to decline wearing jewelry.  Prior to that, Vikings, Egyptian Kings, Tudor nobles, Tribal chiefs, hunters and warriors all wore jewelry.

Now that we’re a couple decades into the 21st century, it’s time for guys to consider, and even embrace wearing jewelry again.  Your favorite athlete might wear a couple gold chains, your favorite musicians could wear some rings….why not you?

This article from shows that the trend is already happening around the world, men are more and more wearing jewelry like their celebrity counterparts.  Another article from also discusses the recent resurgence of men wearing jewelry.

So, what’s a good place to start for the average guy?  Rings are probably your best bet.

Here’s a great article on A Man’s Guide To Wearing Rings that will help you go over the major things to consider:  which finger to wear them on, what style to choose, materials, gems, color, etc.

But there’s no reason to limit yourself to rings alone, necklaces, chains, bracelets, tie pins, cufflinks and more can all be a great addition to any man’s wardrobe and personal style.

They say a piece of jewelry is like a tattoo that communicates a man’s taste, but can be easily removed.  Regardless of how you wear it or if you wear it, it will still be a great investment piece. They say a precious gemstone is the world’s most compact and portable form of wealth.

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