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Hermès chain jewellery is paradoxically liberating

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The motif linking the name of French luxury brand Hermès to its origins has inspired the creation of some highly imaginative pieces emphasising the liberation of the human body

Hermès lovers are probably familiar with the brand’s famous chain motif. The French luxury house is renowned for the chain craftsmanship in its fine jewellery, from bracelets to necklaces.

“At Hermès, the chain is a fundamental motif that draws on its origins as a harness-maker and saddler, and on a long tradition of chain-making know-how,” explains brand creative director Pierre Hardy, for whom the chain symbolises Hermès’ crafting tradition and bold spirit through its 181-year history.

With Hardy at the helm of the brand’s new jewellery launch, it’s no surprise that the collection, Enchaînements libres, features the chain motif front and centre.

The idea of chain-inspired jewellery enhancing the body’s freedom is inherently paradoxical, and Hardy certainly has his fun with the concept. He explores the possibility of using different forms and shapes of chain links, making each work a statement piece while keeping ergonomics firmly in mind. To him, each piece should be bold and unconventional without taking the attention away from the wearer. It’s a collection that is meant to redefine the concept of chain jewellery.


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