Buying An Engagement Ring Doesn't Have To Be Scary

Getting married is arguably one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make in your life, which can make buying an engagement ring a daunting process.  It doesn’t need to be, however, and Ideal Luxury can help make the process much more stress free.

As with everything, the more you know, the easier it is to make a decision.  Ideal Luxury has decades of experience in helping clients choose, design and purchase engagement rings.  Our owner Mark Schechter will sit down with you personally and walk you through the ins and outs of ring settings, diamonds, precious metals and any other questions you may have.

Whether it’s acquiring a piece from a well known designer, or building your own custom ring, Ideal Luxury is in your corner every step of the way, ensuring that you get what you want at a price you would not be able to find elsewhere.  Through our vast network of jewelers and diamond buyers, Ideal Luxury can acquire pieces you could never find in a retail jewelry store, for much less cost.

Want to learn a little before you call to make an appointment?  Watch the videos from our Question Mark® series on How To Buy An Engagement Ring, and How To Buy a Diamond and learn some ring buying 101.  Then, call Ideal Luxury at 888.505.5505 and make an appointment to come in and talk with us.

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